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Bulls Eye Pistol Practice Match-non sanctioned

  • 18 Jan 2022
  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Bay 2

Wickenburg Sportsman Club

NRA PRECISION PISTOL 1800 (Bulls Eye) Weekly Pistol Practice Match

Non-sanctioned / non-approved Match

Starting Tuesday, October 12 2021, Start time 0900 hrs and every Tuesday thereafter on Bay Two.

Who can shoot the match: WSC Members and non-members.

Cost: $5.00 per member and $10.00 per non member. Targets are provided

Allowances: Since this is a practice match, non – approved, non-sanctioned match there is no requirement to shoot single handed, you may shoot single handed, two handed or off the bench (bench rest).

Pistols: 22 Caliber and or Center Fire pistols (.32 caliber or larger).  Pistols do not need to meet the NRA Precision Pistol requirements, however the firearms must be safe and all safeties must be operational.

You score your own targets; no scores are recorded.

All NRA safety rules will be followed, no exceptions.

As per Wickenburg Sportsmen’s Club, Standard Operational Procedures (SOP’s) all fire arms must be cased when moved from your vehicle till you uncase your firearm(s) at the bench.

Items needed to shoot the match:

  • ·         .22 and or center fire pistol (semi auto /revolver) able to shoot five rounds w/o reloading
  • ·         Minimum of 90 rounds per course, for a total of a minimum of 180 round of ammunition for the match.  Its recommend to have extra ammo in case you need to reshoot a string.
  • ·         Staple gun (to secure target to target frame).
  • ·         Pasters or Tape (to repair target when needed).
  • ·         Pencil or pen (write down scores).
  • ·         Spotting scope / binoculars (for slow fire).
  • ·         Empty Chamber indicator (ECI) Note: if you don’t have one, one will be provided.

Any questions?

Contact: Alan Prough@ alan.prough@att.net

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