Memberships are Limited


Full Membership - 1 individual with full access to the range and voting rights - $100/yr.

For full membership you must live within 20 miles of Wickenburg town hall, and this must be your primary residence (6 months and 1 day), possess an AZ driver's license.

Associate Membership - 1 individual with full access to the range but NO voting rights and cannot hold office - $75/yr.

For associate membership, any individual living outside the 20-mile radius of Wickenburg town hall.  OR any individual living within the 20-mile radius of Wickenburg where this is NOT your primary residence (defined as living here 6 months and 1 day and possessing an Arizona driver's license and voting here)  

Family Membership - an individual living under the same roof as a full or associate member. Full access to range and NO voting rights. $75/yr.

Membership process   

- Application

- Application review, process done by the Membership committee

(During application review process, prospective New Members are required to learn S.O.P., range rules and watch safety videos)

- Range orientation/ Testing


Membership Application 

WSC membership app[1086] updated.pdf


Please print this membership application and fill it out COMPLETELY, Sign it and mail to the address at the top of the application along with your initiation fee of $75.00 and the requested photo copies.  Only applications that are complete will be considered by the membership committee. Do NOT send your membership dues in with application.  There is a range orientation and firearm handling evaluation.

If there are any questions, you may direct them to,


"Wickenburg Sportsmen's Club" is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization. Arizona , P.O. Box 1581, Wickenburg, AZ 85358

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