Memberships are Limited


Full Membership $100 - Any person who lives within 20 miles of Wickenburg town hall, has an AZ drivers license and considers this as their primary residence (6 months plus 1 day).  Voting rights.

Associate Membership $75 -  Anyone who lives outside the 20 mile radius of Wickenburg OR anyone living inside the 20 mile radius where this is NOT your primary residence. No voting rights.  

Adding a Spouse $75 - If a prospective member would like to add a spouse, the Spouse must fill out their own application. They will be called Family if attached to a Full membership, or Associate if attached to a Associate membership neither will have voting rights.  They must live under the same roof.  They must go through orientation and firearm evaluation.  Only 1 application fee per household is required.

Any person 18 years or older whether they live with you or not, must obtain their own membership.

Membership process   

- Application

- Application review, process done by the Membership committee

(During application review process, prospective New Members are required to learn S.O.P., range rules and watch safety videos)

- Range orientation/ Testing

-You will be contacted via email for orientation once your application is reviewed.  You MUST make sure that you will be looking for an email coming from which may end up in your junk/spam folder. 

Remember, once you have an application in, it becomes YOUR responsibility to respond to emails inviting you to orientation.


--------------- Download and Print the Membership Application Here ----------------

WSC New Membership Application 2023.pdf


Please print this membership application and fill it out COMPLETELY, Sign it and mail only to the address on the application along with your initiation fee of $75.00 (only one application fee per household is required) and the requested photo copies. 

Only applications that are complete will be considered for membership.

Do NOT send your membership dues in with application.  There is a range orientation and firearm handling evaluation before membership is approved.

If there are any questions, you may direct them to,


"Wickenburg Sportsmen's Club" is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization. Arizona , P.O. Box 1581, Wickenburg, AZ 85358

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