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                      USPSA       Steel Challenge      Action Steel          Multigun

  • Reserved - Bay # 2, 3, & 4 for Thursday, Saturday mornings and Friday evening for Pistol Matches
  • Thursday Shooters practical practice match using Vickers count "points down" scoring   
  •                     Practiscore sign-up required 

  • Saturday USPSA practice pistol match "hit factor" scoring -  2nd Saturday of every month USPSA match
  •                    Practiscore sign-up required

  • Friday Night "USPSA" match   (check calendar for dates)
  •                            Practiscore sign-up required

  • Fees for Thursday and Saturday Matches are $5.00 per member & Non member $10.00 - USPSA official matches are additional $5  per match
  • Participates should arrive at least 30 minutes before the match begin
  • All participates are required help with set-up, take down and resetting stages between shooters
  • Each participant is to shoot only one gun per match                                                                                                                                                                                  New Shooter  - policy 
  • New shooters are required to be classified in IDPA or USPSA
  • New shooters if not classified are required to attend a "New Shooter Orientation"             

All "New Shooters" without a classification in USPSA or IDPA are required to go through

"NEW SHOOTER ORIENTATION"     - which consist of 15 minute introduction to competitive shooting. Required to tape, pickup brass and observe for 2 matches. This allows New Shooter to be mentored and ask questions. This is a friendly sport, ask! At the end of the second match the New Shooter will have the opportunity if they have the proper equipment to demonstrate safe gun handling to a minimum of 2 Range Officers for approval. If shooter passes they will be allowed to join us in the next match. New shooters need to arrive 1 hour prior to match start time. Please wait by sign-in table Bay 2.

We are now using Practiscore Friday and Saturday. We can be found on practiscore as "Wickenburg".   All Match Participants must pre register in order to participate. Practiscore registration is free. Payment is due at the match.


Go to Pistol Match Requirements for more information

DISCLAIMER: The Wickenburg Sportsmen's Club pistol shooting safety rules are based completely on those of the UNITED STATES PRACTICAL SHOOTING ASSOCIATION (aka "USPSA"). These shooting events are friendly sporting competitions that are designed to help develop and test your competitive shooting skills, however the skills acquired here can be applicable to self defense. We don’t teach tactics, the use of deadly force, or conduct paramilitary training. We strongly suggest you obtain legal advice and professional training in these areas.

 Steel Challenge:

"Wickenburg Sportsmen's Club" is a 501(c)7 non-profit organization. 1385 N Constellation rd Wickenburg AZ 85390

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